Juice fast 100 pounds weight loss.


My Name is Steve Crider and I set out 107 days ago on my weight loss journey to loss 100 pounds. Well with sticking to a Juice fast for 107 days I reached my…

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  1. Mcdougallnyw544 says:

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  2. Igor Zhestok says:

    Good day! I’m Taylor.I did -40 lbs in one week.Go to aidadiet.com

  3. AweSomo84 says:

    great job ,really keep it up :)

  4. DivaChinaDoLL Carter says:

    Way to go u look awesome!!!!

  5. GoddessProductions says:

    i hope i make it

  6. Michelle Bartley says:

    Did you write a blog about your journey/daily juices etc? I’m 40lbs down, love to check out the stories!!!


    did you carry on?

  8. Thomas Killen says:

    Nice scale!!! The digital one!

  9. OkinInc says:

    Bro, you are THE MAN!! Thanks for the inspiration and being real. Love and light from New Zealand. Juicing for me is ON! Stay you and good health. You deserve all the happiness you got in this video. Bless you. :)

  10. Steve Crider says:

    send me your email on you tube.

  11. Angelia Peasley says:

    Yes … Do Juice 7 days a week..

  12. Steve Crider says:

    like all day long what do I juice?

  13. Angelia Peasley says:


  14. mark Harris says:


  15. Loveformuziq says:

    can you please email me the recipes u used? i would really appreciate it

  16. yinyang9922 says:

    I want to do this as your videos are such an inspiration to me! Do you share recipes because I have no idea what to juice? thanks

  17. Margaretmary1221 says:

    Excellent Job.. You look Fabulous and so much younger. I have just started and want to loose 35 lbs. Keep it up.

  18. Maha Sabry says:

    It would be a shame for you not to lose weight when these other normal people accomplish it so easily using “Fat Blast Formula” (search for it on google).

  19. 1o1knight says:

    I listen to your body’s signals and keep it off so you never have to go through that again! COOL!

  20. 1o1knight says:

    M.S.G.tern off the brain’s receptor’s to tell you that you are full!Believe you me eating slow is the key no matter what you eat you won’t gain weight,yes put down your fork and chew your food.I’am 5’9″an about 10 years ago I weight 245 lbs.the most I had ever been I was always under 200 I lost 35 lbs. and stayed at that weight for about 6 or 7 years never had to try on a pair of pants to buy untill last year. Yes I juice too I’am 180 lbs. and want to knock off a no..10 I’am 60 years old now

  21. iddddekemily says:

    You look amazing! Keep up the good work!

  22. Sharee Frieson says:

    Wonderful job Steve!!! What a true inspiration you are for me and my fiancé. Could you email me recipes, please? Sdfrieson@gmail.com.

  23. jclokes says:

    Congrats man! Just started sunday only going 60 days.

  24. Steve Crider says:

    Only about 30 days, I had a car wreak in the middle and the working out stopped

  25. TheAjr1987 says:

    Did you do any extra exercise or anything or was it really ONLY doing the fasting?