Water Fasting Results Day 7


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25 Responses to “Water Fasting Results Day 7”

  1. MrNizar88 says:

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  4. FoolyLiving says:

    Sorry - it is on Ineedmorelives channel. I always comment back with the wrong channel!!

  5. FoolyLiving says:

    Hi there. Thanks for your comments! I actually went 21 days. I have a water fasting playlist on my channel. It starts off with a 40 day fast a couple years ago. I have the recent fast at the end of it, plus some helpful videos after that. I go into detail on some points of fasting, like breaking a fast. I have a video of “21 day fast – 1 month later on Atkins” on my channel. I did gain weight back, but lost it in the first month through diet. I’m doing p90x now. You can do it and I am rooting 4U

  6. ravyn coons says:

    hi! LOVE YOUR VIDEO! I am wanting to go on a 3 day water fast, but now that I saw you went 7 days and have a baby I know I can go 7 days too. I also have a 3 month old. im asaty at home mom. I really want to try this out. ive done it in the past but gained back. id like to know how to come off of a fast without gaining the weight back, thas my biggest worry. thanks!!!

  7. Ineedmorelives says:

    Yeah, I would say there is a big liklihood that everyone will experience those pains and detox symptoms. Getting rid of what is in your bowel with an enema should help. I would drink filtered tap water or spring water since distilled water is dead and there’s really no reason to drink it. I have videos posted after this one that should help you while fasting. Good luck!


    Hi, after watching your vvideos i’ve decided to go on a water fasting for 21 days too. I was wondering how would I do it. What kind of water should I drink. Like tap or bottle water, distilled, or cold, maybe roomn temp? lol sorry for all of the questions. And also would everyone experience those pains or.. Help?!

  9. FoolyLiving says:

    So glad I could help. Goodnight =)

  10. rnmalo14 says:

    Sweet dreams and thank you for those VERY encouraging words :) I needed to hear it! Nite

  11. Ineedmorelives says:

    You are going to do great then. Have a good nights sleep!

  12. Ineedmorelives says:

    You are doing awesome! That weight is begging to be dropped now hahaha. I had a c-section and a hard time walking from a pregnancy condition. I really did not recovery well after that surgery. I can understand why you put on weight afterwards, and I really know what its like not being able to lose weight! Fasting is a slow process but you will see great results if you stick it out. You will have that to look back on as one of your great accomplishments. Not everyone can do it, but you can!

  13. rnmalo14 says:

    Will do! I will try spring water :)

  14. rnmalo14 says:

    That makes sense, I will try other waters an see if it makes a difference, The last thing I want to do is do harm when I am trying to get my health back. I put on 65 pounds last year after surgery :( Day #1 weight 276 pds and this morning down to 266.pds So 10 pounds is so encouraging since I struggle with weight loss. Thanks again for the info.

  15. Ineedmorelives says:

    Its not real urgent on just day 4, but I’d try to drink some well water or spring water. That’s probably the best water you can get. City water sometimes has chlorine and fluoride in it so you’ll need some kind of filter for that stuff. The best filter is reverse osmosis but they’re expensive.

  16. rnmalo14 says:

    Thanks, I will definitely try. So far no pain, except for a headache. I have been following your instructions regarding drinking alot of water an enemas..Even had good energy to walk a few miles during lunch today. Will go buy some tea tomorrow and try it. Thanks for the quick reply….will try again to go to sleep :)

  17. Ineedmorelives says:

    I have read to take distilled water too but it really makes no sense. The reasoning for it is because minerals have to be processed in your body and all water has minerals in it – some more than others – especially if you have hard water. However, it doesn’t make sense to keep out the minerals from the water. I believe its a bonus to the water and helps you get through the rough times. Some people can have electrolyte imbalances that can cause heart problems & drinking distilled makes it worse.

  18. rnmalo14 says:

    Oh wow really, I didn’t know that. Someone told me to only buy distilled water. That is all I have been drinking. What kind of water should I buy because I don’t have a good filter?

  19. Ineedmorelives says:

    Congrats on day 4. It gets easier from here. Just ride it out. To sleep, well, this last time I had a newborn so I was pretty tired already lol. I like to get up and read or take a bath for a couple of hours. Both of these things always wear me out and I just give up and go to sleep. If you are in pain, drink more water and try some tea. I organized a lot throughout the day when I was fasting and it kept my mind busy and my body tired hehe =)

  20. rnmalo14 says:

    Oh my goodness, I am only on day #4 of water fast and it is 1:30 am. Cant go to sleep to save my life…I am the kind of person that loves to sleep and struggles to get up an get going. So insomnia is a new thing. Since I am only doing water I cant have wine to make me sleepy :( Any suggestions, does this pass or will my entire 21 day fast be like this….lol. Either way I will continue, I have to get this weight off. These videos help alot.

  21. Ineedmorelives says:

    I ate cabbage soup for the first 3 days until I had a bowel movement, then I went on the Atkins diet with less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. It is basically a meat-based diet with a few veggies on the side. I gained half of the weight back and lost it again during the first month I went off of it. You have to stick to a diet afterwards. If you go back to eating junk, the weight will come on and stay on. If you eat well, some of the weight will come back (NOT ALL) & you lose it quick.

  22. burriss23 says:

    Wat u did wen u broke it n how u keep it from coming back I dnt wanna do it n it all comes back

  23. Shawn Taylor says:

    I fast too but can’t agree with such long durations. You can lose a lot of weight but at what cost? Bone density? Muscle loss?

  24. gerardst1 says:


  25. FoolyLiving says:

    I did a 10 day juice fast and I was done after the first day. Most of the days I water fasted because I just hate juice. We did carrot, apple, ginger / carrot juice / and orange juice. I didn’t like any of these and I definitely hate green juices. They all just turn my stomach and make me feel sick. I still juice for my husband. We have a really expensive juicer, the Omega.